Saving Account

A certain nominal amount is available for the member clients as the emergency loan. Member clients can apply for this loan in the case of emergency aroused due to natural disaster, accident, serious illness and other small basic needs. It is generally provided to fulfill the small, basic and emergency needs of the member clients.

Group Saving

Group saving is a mandatory saving. It is a saving product designed to promote saving habit of the member clients. A specified amount has to be deposited by the member clients in their every center meetings as a group saving.

Pension Saving

Pension Saving is also one of the mandatory savings. Member Clients are supposed to deposit certain amount as their pension saving in their every center meeting. Member Clients are offered to have doubled amount of their deposit under this saving product after the completion of 15 years of their savings. The interest of this doubled amount will be provided to the member clients as the pension or the member clients can withdraw the whole amount. This product basically helps to have certain amount of saving to the member clients at the time of their dependable age.

Individual Saving

Individual saving is the voluntary saving product offered to all the member clients. Any amount can be deposited under this saving product by the member clients. This product helps the member clients to improve their saving habit and can withdraw the amount in any center meetings.

Center Fund Saving

  Center Fund Saving is the Mandatory Saving. As per the requirement, minimum 2% amount of the micro loan disbursed to the member clients is deposited as the Center Fund Saving for every individual member clients. It is designed to secure the future of the member clients. Through this saving the member clients can have certain amount at the time of their membership withdraws in the future.

Welfare Fund Saving

Welfare Fund Savings is a voluntary saving product. Under this savings, the fines, penalties and other voluntary amounts of the center can be deposited by the member clients. It is the saving account of the center not the individual clients. Amount from this saving can be withdrawal at the center meetings. The amount of this saving can be spend on the purchase of center needed material such as mat for sitting, building center house, maintenance of center house, for social activities etc.

Interest Rate

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